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Jeff Clark - CEO and President of TSC Corporation / Telcape and Sage Telecom

"In 90-days we became the number one wireless ETC in California and the fastest growing ETC in the industry. Did a very good job of establishing and managing distribution in a considerably challenging and changing environment. Understands the business, dedicated and focused, and  gives 100% to the mission."


Rick James Stapp - Manager of Business Development at King Controls

"Their marketing and creative skills have always impressed me. Attention to detail is probably his strongest attribute! If the TMC team can't get the job done, then the job can't be done."


Debbie Hamm - Billing Director at Sage Telecom

"Great leader. Organized and put in place street teams to sell Lifeline prepaid wireless. A test run was done in Texas he worked out the issues and then took it to California where TMC was responsible for 30 million in revenue this has all been done in a short period of time. Great asset to the company."


Earl Peck - Chief Information officer - Unity Telecom

"Integral to the team’s success he performed the dual roles of project manager and product manager. Passion for collaborative product development and service delivery. Takes product development personally doing whatever is necessary to create and deliver a product to market and monitoring its ongoing performance."


Keith Hooper Hooper Marketing LLC, Hooper Farms INC, CEO

"It was my good fortune to work with TMC while they managed Telscape / Sage, California LifeLine Service. Consumate professional and in today work environment that's a hard thing to find Delivers on his promises and is a visionary leader."


Aaron Alwell - Vice President of Marketing at DataBank, Ltd.

"Their experience and grasp of product marketing made a huge impact in both strategy and planning sessions. Their input and leadership was instrumental in shaping what would have been difficult transitions, into smooth and viable product launches. Qualifications and communication skills make him them an invaluable asset to any organization."


Lance McCall - Webmaster Nationwide Internet

"Definition of a hard worker, continually giving 110% in all aspects of the job. Makes it his personal business to see that all objectives and timelines are met while maintaining good relationships with employees, customers and vendors. His knowledge of Marketing, Telecommunications, Training and Sales Leadership are great assets to any company."

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